Price List

Kit Option Order Form

June 2018

Price £

Excl. VAT

Advanced Quick Build Kit  (MTOW 600Kg)  Nose or TDO please ring  
Canopy   please ring  
DV Windows in Canopy   please ring  
Engine Mount for Rotax 912 ULS              please ring  
Oil and water radiators Rotax, free with Rotax engine please ring  
Firewall Forward Installation for Rotax 912 ULS Includes: Cowls, cooler Brackets, Air box, Exhaust System and Hoses please ring  
Rotax water bottle. Alloy pipes. Carb drip trays. K&N filter please ring  
Rotax 912 ULS Engine & FITI extension  kit please ring  
Rotax 912 IS Sport Engine & FITI extension  kit please ring  
Rotax 915 IS Engine & FITI extension  kit please ring  
FITI ECO Competition VP  propeller  and spinner please ring  
Adjustable pedals please ring  
Dual Hydraulic Brakes please ring  
Parking Brake please ring  
Throttle quadrant                                                                                          please ring  
Electric Aileron Trim please ring  
Set of carpets please ring  
Trim and PTT on Dual Controls please ring  
Canopy cover please ring  
Wing Baggage Lockers on both wings please ring  
Cabin heater and vents Rotax,
please ring  
Front Baggage Lockers please ring  
Seat belts colour choice. Red. Blue. Black. Green. free with leather seats please ring  
Wheel Pants please ring  
Landing / Taxi Light (LED – Both Wings) please ring  
Ballistic Parachute please ring  
Tow bar please ring  
Upholstered Leather Glare Shield black please ring  
Upholstered Seats and Interior – please ring  
Cloth  /  Colour:   please ring  
Leather  /  Colour:   please ring  
Transport from factory to UK to be advised                                                   please ring      


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